11 Reasons Why Traveling Prepares You For Life



True, the lessons you learn while treading on a road teach you way more about life than you would otherwise get to know. It is often said that travelers live the real life, simply because of the fact that they dare to break out from their nutshell and explore the world around them in a practical manner; not by simply devouring the travel memoirs or guides by famous authors! Be it exploring the backyard of a church or trotting around the globe, a traveler starts acknowledging the tiny gifts which life has to offer and gradually cultivate faith in the wonders and miracles of the universe. Learn why traveling shapes you for life and what important lessons you could gain from the same.

#1 Makes You Appreciate The Small Things

You start being in the moment when you travel somewhere. Be it a trip to the bird sanctuary, nearby beach, local park or traveling overseas, when you are on a journey away from the daily chores, you start enjoying the pleasure in trivial things like looking at the beautiful nature beside the road, lovely birds, clear or cloudy sky, the rains, having that messy sandwich with a friend and laughing at silly things.

Each day you wake up in the morning and rush through the entire day without getting even one minute of a breather to deal with, you know, yourself! Thanks to the grueling every day schedule, you do not enjoy your shower or breakfast, do not glance at the trees, sea or mountains even once while traveling as you’re too paranoid that you will get late for work or may be worried about how that certain meeting or presentation would go. Traveling makes you see beauty in everything no matter how small or large and gives a shift to your perspective. As very wisely said – Peeling the potatoes while thinking about God does not make you a Zen, simply peeling the potatoes at the moment does.

optimistic#2 Makes You More Optimistic

Traveling helps you develop a more positive outlook towards life. When you try different adventures like hiking, trekking, river swimming, bungee jumping and others, you become more optimistic about doing that particular activity successfully. A person with a negative mindset would never be able to try these activities and even if he tries, he would never be able to pull those adventures successfully simply because he fears failure a bit too much. So, if you have the soul of a traveler within, you naturally become more positive about life and situations and see the lighter side of things.

#3 Brings You Closer To Nature

While going to work or returning from the same, you might procrastinate visiting the aquarium, nearby woods or simply stopping by the ocean just to spend ten minutes in composure and peace. But when you are on a trip, you notice everything that falls on your way, flowers, greenery, clear or cloudy sky, and if you are lucky, even rains! So, traveling is a wondrous way to increase your connection with Mother Nature and fresh air, all of which are amazingly beneficial and essential to nourish our soul. Therefore, take some time out and visit your nearest travel destination, never mind if the mode of traveling is not that comfortable, seizing the moment is what really makes the difference. Go for a swim in the sea or river (rather than your familiar swimming pool at the club), try scuba diving to increase your connection with your inner self. Get your adrenalines gushing with sky diving, river rafting or de-stress yourself by trekking or hiking.

#4 Sharpens Your Mind

It is imperative that you always stay alert whenever you are traveling as the journey requires you to have presence of mind and thinking on your feet. Being spontaneous is almost an inevitable requirement of a traveler. Also, during any journey, long or short, you have to keep a track of the distance covered and the time taken by the journey. You also tend to remember landmarks in order to easily locate a particular place the next time. Hence, all of these act as exercises to sharpen your brain, boost your memory, make your thinking more logical and your ability to co-relate with things. Learning from practical life is the best way to learn anything anyways, and a little fun and laughter on the side would certainly not hurt!

fit#5 Helps You Stay Physically Fit

Now if you wish to go mountain climbing at the Himalayas or go on a bike tour in Ladakh, you must be pretty healthy and physically fir to complete such adventurous as well as grueling journeys. Almost everything while traveling makes you active physically even if it is a bicycle ride or simply sitting for hours at the bus stop. All your body parts must be moving properly and you just could not afford to be the one who falls sick at the drop of a hat! On top off that, while undertaking a journey and having a gala time, you also tend to burn calories side by side. So, in a way you are preparing yourself to be healthy for life.

#6 Increases Patience With in You

Now, living in the United States, or mainly in the western part of the world makes you accustomed to the western style of working a bit too much, which means very punctual functioning in your day to day lives. When you travel more, chances are that you would find out that most countries in the world do not work on time and there are things which go off schedule as well. In a foreign country or unfamiliar city you have got no option but to wait for that bus or train which would take you to see that famous lake or bridge. This increases your patience and you begin holding on to things till the time is right.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#7 Increases Adaptability

You cannot always expect to stay in five star hotels or comfortable homes when you are going on a trip. This usually involves a lot of money and unless you are a multimillionaire, you would not want to go on such trips very often. Travelers are usually happy to buy an economical ticket to Thailand just to watch the longest wooden bridge or getting to travel to Bali for experiencing the groovy beach shacks. Sleeping in tent houses, going for fishing and then cooking fish by the camp fire, not being able to get that cuppa coffee when they need it the most and walking on foot until they get a bus to ride on, makes them tough from within. They could easily adapt to life no matter what situation comes up.

#8 Prepares You For Crisis At The Eleventh Hour

We all know that almost anything can happen at any time during a journey. So the person who travels too much is always ready for some or the other crisis to pop up. He or she is normally a champion at handling crisis and manage it beautifully in order to rescue themselves or their fellow companions. May be you are going on a road trip in your car, all set and elated to spend the weekend when you meet with an accident due to failed brake controllers, your friend just got an asthma attack in the middle of your way or some other companion started throwing up due to motion sickness! While dealing with last minute crisis, you always strengthen up as a person and get ready to take the bulls by the horns at all times in life.

friendship#9 Sociability and Networking Skills Improve

Whether you have travel companions or you are traveling alone, when you visit an unknown place, chances are that you would most certainly get to meet new people there. Sometimes there is a short interaction and at other times they could become an inseparable part of your lives. A traveler is always open to possibilities and gives a welcoming vibe to everyone who meets him, having absolutely no problem in breaking the ice. Striking a conversation, making friends and building connections with people become way simpler to people who travel than the ones who prefer to keep rotating around the same faces and situations.

#10 Makes You Learn From Your Mistakes

When you travel frequently, you would probably learn sooner and better what type of water bottle you must carry, which food items are perishable and which would last long on a journey, what type of clothes make you comfortable and survive in all conditions, which medicines to carry in your first-aid box, how to take on a route safely and how to reach that destination in less time. Probably because you have made mistakes earlier in these areas and have now learned from your mistakes for a better understanding of situations.

cultures#11 Turns You More Accepting Of People & Life

Getting to be a part of different cultures and lifestyles is the most fantastic part of traveling. You get to see that there is another world that exists where everything might not be picture perfect, but people there are happy anyway, irrespective of what is going on in their lives. Especially if you are one who likes to go to the Buddhist monasteries in China, attend a three day meditation course in McLeod Ganj or go on mission trips in order to be a saving grace in poor and underprivileged people’s lives. Having such travel experiences would certainly make you a better human being and you would begin to judge less and love more.


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