5 Beauty Tips To Save Valuable Minutes Off Your Beauty Routine


makeupSo you’ve got to go to that party and are already falling short of time. Getting decked up requires quite a bit of effort and women usually do not mind spending hours and hours caressing their hair, face and lips just to scorch the party or wherever they are going. However, when you have already spent the maximum time in traveling on your way back home and have little of that left with you, then panic kicks in. It is then that you realize that beauty shortcuts would have saved much if your time and hassle if only you would have known any. After all it is no less than a catastrophe for a woman to go to a party or event without looking her best! Take a quick look at the common problems you face in a hurry and how to fix it by these wonderful beauty tips which would save your time, still add to your looks.

#1 Problem: Torn Nails

Tip: Okay, now that is a common one. Fastening the buttons of your dress or combing your hair hurriedly could often lead to breaking of nails sometimes fully and sometimes partially. And the partially torn nail is more likely to be a pain in the neck if it is not fixed. Not only does it feel uncomfortable but also makes it that area prone to getting even more hurt, as it could easily get entangled in anything. Fix the problem of torn nails by cutting a small part of paper from an unused tea bag and put some nail glue on it. Press this on the torn area and then when the glue dries, file the top of the nail so that it looks even. Apply double coats of your favorite nail polish and bingo, you are done for the day!

#2 Problem: Got That Tan

Tip: All women go bananas over sensuous and stylish backless dresses especially in the evening. But oh dear, you just saw a tanned area embedded on your back and feel so remorseful about it! Well, your tip is take some lime juice in a small bowl and mix some granulated sugar into it. Massage this natural scrub on the tanned area, no matter where it is, with very gentle circular motion of your fingers. AS the sugar melts and becomes sticky along with the lime juice let it stay there for ten minutes. Then rinse off with cool water. Do not use soap. Pat dry your skin and moisturize it deeply.

nail_polish#3 Problem: Drying Nail Polish In A Rush

Tip: It has been rightly said that women are weak only till their nail polish dries. Getting ready and doing your make up for that special event without wearing the matching nail color sounds so empty, because caressing and decorating the nails are an inevitable part of a woman’s nature. If you have applied that flashy pink color on your nails and want it to dry up quickly take a bowl of ice cold water, remember the bowl should be big enough for you to put both your hands comfortably inside it. Put your freshly polished nails into the cold water and let it stay for minutes. Take them out and dry your hands. Your nail polish dries up instantly and gives that neat and matte finish to your nails.

#4 Problem: Gray Hair

Tip: While getting that stylish bun, a pig tail, lose curls, feminine braid or flowing tresses, you just happen to see a remarkably visible gray strand of hair peeping out from your beautiful hair. Feels awful and very scary! Well, here is what you could do to fix it at that very moment. Get your mascara brush and apply some black mascara on that strand of hair. It would give a quick naturally black look to your hair when dried. Remember to use waterproof mascara always. And guess what, nobody gets to know your secret!

pillow#5 Problem: Face Creases Due To Pillow

Tip: We really do not realize how deeply we press our face against the pillow and how badly it is getting pulverized by the surface of the pillow cover. Skin specialists always recommend not to do that in a habit as this leads to formation of wrinkles much sooner while we are still young. Anyway, you could fix those creases by washing your face with warm water and then using a good deep moisturizer on the skin. This tip helps the liquid of the cells flow back to the face again which were seeped out and flowed down to your body, when your face was sunk into the pillow.


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