Gorgeous Hospitality Clubs And Who Designed Them


One of the best amenities to visit when staying at a beautifully designed hotel is the in house club. These classy affairs are typically full of interesting people living their travel adventure in a beautifully composed club hotel setting. If you find yourself in any of these fine locations, be sure to take a moment and notice just how gorgeous the design of their hospitality areas are. You may even want to take note on the names of the designers so you become familiar with what excellent hotel designers can produce.


SLS Hotel- South Beach, Florida

The club in this hotel is combined with the lobby. Upon first stepping into the open air designed lobby, you will immediately notice its unique organization. Instead of immediately being presented with the hotel’s front desk, you will see a full service sushi bar and inviting seating area. This seating for this club is partially outside and partially inside so no matter what your mood, you’ll find the perfect ambiance. Known as The Bazarr, this club combines a world class restaurant chef, Chef Jose Andres, and world famous designer Lenny Kravitz to make a unique hotel experience. Kravitz is currently a leader in the design industry and has worked in numerous luxury end clients since opening his interior design business in 2003.

Four Seasons George V – Paris, France

This hotel boasts luxury views of the Paris’ EIffel tower. This hotel has two lounges in addition to a full service restaurant. Designed by the French architect and designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, this location has a distinctly and beautifully French feeling. Upon walking in you will feel as though you have joined the ranks of French royalty. Take a moment to appreciate the Flemmish tapestry adoring the lounge walls .The brilliant play between royal reds, purples, and golds. But make no mistake, although this hotel has a distinctly classic French feel, you will not be surrounding yourself in an out-dated hotel experience. Instead, you will enjoy a modern twist on these classic ideas.

HK_Island_Shangri-La_Hotel_39F_LibraryHotel Island Shangri La – Hong Kong, China

This hotel is beautiful in not only its in house club, but in every aspect of this hotel. The atrium of the hotel boasts the largest indoor silk mural in the world, a total of sixteen stories high. No matter what type of dining and drinking experience you are seeking, you will find just what you need at this hotel. With a total of 8 restaurants, including the Lobster bar and Grill which serves Peruvian and French fare, you will find food from around the world packaged in an interior design just as impressive as the hotel’s lobby. This location was designed by Lesse Robertson Freeman Designers.

768px-Thanksgiving_TowerThe Tower Club – Dallas, Texas

This beautifully designed establishment caters to the business community. With the world-class restaurant and lounge known as the Triniti, you can have a relaxing drink and meal in a clean and modern surrounding. This location offers members the option to eat in style at their Skybox. Designed to highlight the beautiful Dallas skyline, you can have an evening to remember in style. One of the best aspects of this unique experience is the designer’s ability to highlight the quirky aspects of the Dallas metropolitan area. AKA Design Inc. is responsible for the design of this memorable establishment.

The Rapheal Hotel- Kansas City, Missouri

Designed by the Gettys, this hotel is based on the small boutique hotels of Europe. This location has a distinctly vintage feel with all the modern amenities today’s travelers need. The design company for this hotel manages to preserve the old world charm that so many American travels thirst for while incorporating the ever chic Chaz Restaurant and Lounge among other modern amenities. The Chaz lounge not only offers visitors the ability to enjoy a relaxing cocktail, but they can do so in truly elegant style. Often visitors will enjoy live jazz performances by local musicians.

This article was written by Louise Williams, a world traveler and writer.

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