Relax at Home: Turn Your Garage into a Spa

Loft - Interior Sectional Glass Garage Door

Why waste all that space on your car?! Why not turn your garage into a relaxing spa oasis? Here’s how to make the dream come true.

All too often our garages become a storage space, instead of usable square footage. It’s a common occurrence, and one that prompts many homeowners to convert their garage into something more suitable for their family or lifestyle.

If you’ve wanted a sauna, but didn’t have the space, consider transforming your unused garage into an in-home spa.

Loft - Interior Sectional Glass Garage Door

Like many other garage conversions, converting your dusty garage into a home spa can be as simple or complex as your space and budget allows. Here are just a few possibilities and considerations.

Budget and Space
Assessing your space will help you determine your project budget. It will also give you a better idea of what you want out of your spa. Some garages are attached directly to the house, while others are detached. Actual garage size varies as well, with some accommodating a single car and others accommodating up to three, or even four cars.

If you have a large, three-car garage, you may opt to partition your garage, creating a separate space, while reserving some garage space for your car. This may be an option for a two-car garage as well, if you have reservations about giving up the parking option or additional storage that comes with having a garage.

Garage Door
There are two primary options you have regarding your garage door: replace your existing garage door with a new garage door, or remove your garage door entirely.

Completely removing your garage door is the most pricey of these options, as you will need to fill in the space once occupied by the garage door in order to make the outside blend with the rest of your house. This may include masonry and drywall, as well as framing the area for insulation.

While insulation will need to be addressed when replacing your current garage door with a new one, this is an easy fix as most new garage doors on the market offer excellent insulation.

Not only do you want to worry about insulation, you also want to think about appearance. A home improvement specialist who provides Clearwater garage doors suggests you think of the ambiance you want to create. Clunky metal garage doors aren’t very soothing. On the other hand, beautiful wooden doors could help your spa oasis embrace nature.

Plumbing and Electric
Plumbing and electric preparation will need to be done in order to accommodate your garage’s transformation into a home spa. An attached garage will already have electricity run to it, as it is shared with the house. A detached garage, however, may need to have this added, which will increase your cost. The same is true for plumbing.

The garage is ideal for additional living space because the structure is already there. Most garage floors, however, are simply concrete slab. Typically, the slab is not insulated and, as such, sits below the inside floor level. While going down a few steps may not be problematic, the lack of insulation can be. This is particularly true if you live in a cold climate.

Another flooring issue that should be addressed is its ability to repel moisture from the wall and the wall frame. Additionally, the floor should be level. Although this may be a bit more challenging in an older home, with an older foundation that has shifted, it is important considering you will be potentially equipping the space with a hot tub, shower and/or sauna. Leveling can easily be done with products similar to concrete mix found at home improvement stores.

Once the basics are assessed and considered, the attention falls on the details. What kind of sauna or hot tub do you want? If you want a shower, think about the finishings you want. One showerhead in your shower or two, it’s all up to you. You can get the top of the line sauna, shower or Jacuzzi, or opt for a more budget friendly version of all of the above. The details are essentially the final piece of the puzzle in terms of budget and presentation.

Converting your unused garage into a tranquil, home away from home is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, it can be accomplished relatively easy when compared with an entirely new addition, as the structure is already in place.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own at-home sauna, make that dream a reality.


Author Bio: Julie Renner is an interior design expert. She is also a lover of spas! She recently converted her garage into a spa – and now she offers tips to other homeowners.

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