Tantric deep tissue Hong Kong massage for full-body healing



Deep tissue masseuse is an effective therapeutic technique designed to remove tension in deep tissue structures, especially the muscles and fascia or connective tissues. The procedure is particularly recommended for those who experience stiff muscles, consistent pain and rigid muscle caused by rigorous training; it’s commonly applied in athletes. Unlike other types of massage that only help in relaxing, this technique is more intense and focuses on specific parts of the body especially those that are problematic. Rubbing is done slowly and methodically and pressure only applied to the problematic areas, practitioners also take care not to damage the soft tissues lying within.


The process mainly consists of Swedish massage movements where pressure is gently applied to release terminal muscle tension and knots, commonly referred as adhesions. It often includes compression of muscle tissues and applying adequate friction to improve blood flow. There are various techniques involved in deep tissue tantric Hong Kong massage.

  1. One method involves a therapist using his/her fingers and elbow tips to provide muscle masseuse. This method can be used to resolve complex knots found within the tissue muscles, it alleviates throbbing knots within the muscles which often develop from prolonged sitting or irregular sleeping postures.
  2. Another technique employs a set of light piercing tools made from glass, wood or ceramic. These tools improve the general massaging experience and also give a nice relaxing effect for total relaxation, nevertheless to get the best results it’s advisable to proceed gently without injuring delicate tissues.
  3. Long, flowing strokes may also be used to ease muscle fatigue and improve flexibility. Maintaining a stable pressure level on various trouble spots of the body is also required, it helps in decongesting nerve and muscle tissues.

Benefits of the Massage
Health experts have found that this alternative treatment method can reduce friction between ligaments and bones. Usually, when muscles are fatigued they tend to block nutrients and oxygen from reaching deep tissue, causing muscular inflammation and toxins within the tissues. This effective massage therapy can loosen muscle tissues and enhance oxygen circulation. Hence, it can treat a variety of medical problems such as spasm, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, mobility problems, carpal tunnel condition and sports-related injuries.

How to provide a professional deep tissue masseuse
The following steps can be used by those who are interested in pursuing this form of therapy as a career:

  1. Make the individual receiving the deep tissue massage lie flat on his belly. Ensure that you are able to reach the person’s shoulders without straining.
  2. Stand by the individual’s side and ensure one hand is placed on the lower back as the other one flanks respective shoulder blades.
  3. Apply some thumb pressure on the spinal area and knead slowly while moving up till the neck area, the beneficiary will feel relieved within 5-10 minutes.
  4. Employ a delicate stroke commonly known as effleurage and add some massage oil. While performing long strong massage rubs, glide the palms down the spine to pelvis area. Since toxins are usually released during massage, it’s advisable for one to take sufficient water after each session to help remove these wastes from the bloodstream.

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