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Vacationing is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern day life, explore and de-stress. A new kind of travel has emerged that is far removed from the exhausting, crowded and easy destinations that make up traditional holidaying. This kind of travel is known as wellness tourism, and has gained popularity especially in the last couple of years.

The purpose of wellness travel is to stimulate creativity, stimulate the mind and body, promote emotional balance, strengthen relationships and enhance relaxation and happiness. This is just some of the criteria that wellness travelers look for when choosing their preferred destination. Below are the top 5 destinations for wellness travel.


USA – South Beach, Florida

01_FloridaThe Delano Hotel and Spa in South Beach, Florida is a preferred destination for A-list celebrities and well to do young people seeking to recoup their wellness. The hotel offers everything first class without the pretentiousness of other such destinations. The clear blue waters of South Beach are only a few hundred yards away from the hotel, so a day at the beach is well within reach.

Agua; the newly remodeled spa is another attraction for wellness seekers that offers a variety of treatments including the indulgent Vitamin Infusion facial that is a favorite here. Whether you choose to spend the day at the pool, laze around the beach or stick to the room for some well-deserved bonding time with your loved one, the Delano Hotel and Spa is a first-class resort for all things wellness.


Italy, Tuscany

Morning dipThe Fonteverde Resort and Spa is tucked deep inside the charming, classic Tuscan villages, and is a popular spot for vacationers looking for a classic old world retreat. The picturesque valleys and vineyards dotting the Tuscan landscape coupled with all the delicious Italian food and wine that you could ever want; it is a wonder that anyone would leave this destination without feeling completely rejuvenated.

Vacationers here have the unique chance to immerse in the Tuscan countryside, and explore the appetite stimulating food and drink, relax and delve into the local culture. The Fonteverde Resort and Spa offers a blissful path to wellness that would be difficult to find anywhere else in the world.


Mexico, Tulum

03_TulumFor the ‘health freaks’ there is no better place to dive head first into a fitness program that will leave you feeling rejuvenated than at the Bikini Boot Camp. Anywhere you can spend the entire day in a bikini as a reward for all the hard work you have put in is a definite plus. Now add clear blue water, tropical beaches and beach-front bungalow accommodation and you have the recipe for a perfect holiday.

There is a healthy dining plan that is included in your retreat (the resort is all-inclusive) as well as activities such as body-sculpting and power yoga classes. This is definitely not a destination for the faint hearted, as tucked in this idyllic destination is a fitness regime that will restore your wellness levels in no time. It is advised that you opt for a no junk-food, no-alcohol diet to get the best out of your vacation. There are also no computers or televisions, which means that you have more than enough time to work on your body, and of course your spirit.

A word of caution; remember to include travel insurance in your holidaying checklist. Mexico isn’t exactly known for its superb healthcare system, and checking into a private hospital in case of serious illness or injury can easily lead to financial problems.


Australia, Tasmania

04_TasmaniaYou can experience mother nature at its finest at the Healing Dreams Retreat located in Trousers Point, Australia. Immerse yourself in the diverse surroundings including majestic mountains, blue ocean views, waterfalls, cast cliffs and sandy shores.

As the name suggests, the resort features a variety of wellness oriented activities and services all offered against a stunning backdrop that will make your holiday that much more memorable.


Fiji, Turtle Island

05_FijiMany will agree that Fiji is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, and it would therefore make sense that it would be home to a wellness centre definitely worth visiting. Fiji has long since been a sort of mecca for honeymooning couples and wellness seekers, and it is difficult to imagine a better place than the Turtle Island Resort.

The nightlife often associated with beach vacations is conspicuously missing here, as there are no distractions to clatter your mind. There are plenty of healthy foods and wellness oriented activities, all done in the most majestic of places and tucked away from civilization. This quiet secluded resort is no doubt worthy of a spot in the top 5 best wellness destinations in the world.

The benefits of wellness travel are undeniable. With the rising popularity of this kind of vacation, experiencing some of the things described here is within reach owing to the many travel packages now available to wellness seekers. For people looking for a special holidaying experience, wellness travel is an option worth seriously considering.


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