Winter time = Hot Spring & Sauna time (Japan)

  • Winter time = Hot Spring & Sauna time (Japan)
  • Winter time = Hot Spring & Sauna time (Japan)
  • Winter time = Hot Spring & Sauna time (Japan)
  • Winter time = Hot Spring & Sauna time (Japan)

It is the perfect time of the year for some relaxation.
Are you ready for a stress reliever?

Simply soak in some hot water and say AHHHH…

You can do this in your favorite spa around your area (listings are provided in our “Find Sauna” directory) or plan some time in the World’s Best Hot Springs!

The best part…
They’re located all over the world!

Today we start off and introduce JAPAN. You will find many great hot spring locations in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Here are our TOP 3, which are waiting for you you test the waters…

An onsen is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsen scattered along its length and breadth.

Kinosaki Onsen – Hot Spring Town
Kinosaki is famous as a resort area on the Sea of Japan coast in nothern Kansai. With seven public baths and many of onsen ryokan, this is the place to enjoy the onsen ryokan experience. You can relax in your accommodation while taking a bath and if you get tired of this you can hit the street in your yukata and take a stroll to the public baths for some onsen-hopping.

Arima Onsen – Hidden Place close to Kobe
Believed to be the oldest onsen in Japan, this Onsen is still a hidden treasure of modern Kobe, behind Mount Rokko. It attracts many Japanese who want tranquility with beautiful natural surroundings and yet easy access from the busy cities in the Kansai metropolitan area including Osaka.

Kurokawa Onsen – Best Outdoor Baths
Kurokawa is not only known for its attractive town, but also for the outstanding outdoor baths (rotenburo), of which some are located right besides a gushing river and impress by their large sizes. The larger baths with good views tend to be located a little bit outside of the town center, while some of the more central ryokan attract with smaller but historic baths, which were already enjoyed by the feudal lords of nearby Kumamoto Castle.

So say AAAHHHH and relax in one of these onsen towns.

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